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Frisco Highline Trail Poem - By David Course

Category Spotlight On | Posted on November 14, 2016

Frisco Highline Trail Poem - by David Course, Trail user

Sometimes I ride the Frisco leather-bent for hell
It's a Highline after all as you can plainly tell

'N then there's times to drop 'er down onto the lower ring
and smell the honeysuckle and Nature's grander things

To find that really sweet spot where you can pump with ease
and never really feel it on octogenarian knees.

And feel a heap o' gratitude that big buck didn't jump
and leave me and my Kona-bike all rolled up in a lump

To slow down for all those turkeys -- 14 in a bunch
They've found a spot to eat a lot, what turkeys like for lunch.

Look out for that box turtle; he counts on you to swerve
and if he tumps you over it'll get on your last nerve

That blacksnake up there on the trail is not a threat to you
He merely wants what you want; he likes the ladies too

The squirrels and the cottontails have all been warned a-plenty
They'd make a real nice supper; today I've missed 'bout twenty

A Monarch flies beside me. Must be someone I knew
come by to say hello again and bid a new adieu

A heavy jet comes in, and then a Lear or two
offering me free haircuts from out of a sky too blue

Sometimes I ride the Frisco leather-bent for hell
but why I'm taking my time today isn't hard to tell.

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