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Healthy Places = Healthy People

Category News | Posted on January 18, 2018

At the intersection of the built environment and public health, you’ll find a connected trail network. As cited in the City of Springfield’s 2016 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), the top 3 Assessed Health Issues that are most pressing for the Springfield Community are lung disease, cardiovascular disease, and mental health. The work of OG expands opportunities for recreation and healthy lifestyles and residents a gain convenient and free active transportation link to jobs and transit. The synergy between physical activity, exposure to nature, and effective infrastructure design make greenway trails an invaluable resource for addressing cardiovascular disease, lung disease, and mental health.

Our trails create lasting change in the built environment that lead to healthy people and places. The 70+ miles in our current trail system turns unused and often ignored areas of our community into a 1.95 billion-square-foot health club that’s free for everyone to join. To learn more about the Health Improvement Plan and how we’re meeting the active living and healthy eating CHIP objectives, visit the City of Springfield's plan: www.communitycommons.org/groups/ozarks-health-commission-hub/springfield-hub/

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