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Sculpture Cruise Expands Along the Frisco

Category News | Posted on January 22, 2019

Five Sculptures Now Between Springfield & Willard: Mile 0-6

Rail-Trails, such as the Frisco Highline Trail (FHT), serve as regional economic engines that support local businesses and entrepreneurs, attract tourists, and build healthier communities. The FHT is Missouri's premier Rail-Trail, winding 35 miles through the scenic Ozarks, connecting Greene and Polk County, Missouri. We’re excited to share the newest update to the trail– the FHT Sculpture Cruise project!

This project has been made possible by private donors and local sculptors who wanted to help provide a fun excursion for all residents, encourage trail tourism, and highlight this transportation corridor. The FHT Sculpture Cruise currently encompasses the first six miles of the FHT, from Kearney Street Trailhead to Willard Trailhead. We currently have five permanent pieces that highlight different modes of transportation.

The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy states, “Public art can help elevate a rail-trail from practical infrastructure to a space cherished by the community. Art establishes the trail as a community asset and encourages public engagement and stewardship. Art on a Rail-Trail can serve a variety of purposes. It can stimulate the mind and the senses, allow for rest or contemplation, or encourage participation.”

We hope that you find them delightful and that they add a smile to your face. Moving forward, we plan to add more public art—both sculptures and murals—along the trail.

A big thank you to Lucky’s Market for funding three of these five trail sculptures, through one of their “Impact Day” community fundraisers in conjunction with the grand opening of their new store last spring in Springfield at 3333 S. Glenstone Avenue!

We rely on the enthusiasm and financial support of the community.

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