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Trail Update - January 2018

Category News, Projects | Posted on January 23, 2019

(Pictured above: City, county, state, and federal partners joined OG on 11-7-18, to break ground at West Meadows for the westward extension of Jordan Creek Greenway.)

Jordan Creek Greenway Will Extend Through West Meadows!
Our community has recently been awarded a $250,000 Recreational Trails grant from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. These funds, in combination with a local match from the 1/8-cent transportation sales tax, will fund 1/2-mile of trail between Grant and Fort avenues. This is a key step in closing gaps along Jordan Creek Greenway. This trail will ultimately stretch over 7 miles from Smith Park to Ewing Park, where it currently connects to Wilson’s Creek Greenway. This is a crucial link in connecting downtown, neighborhoods, several parks, and countless destinations! Additionally, the trails identified in Ozarks Transportation Organization’s regional trail investment study will tie this trail to the Route 66 Trail that will connect all the way to Strafford.

Jordan Creek Greenway Gap Filled at Grand Street West of Kansas Expressway
The Grand Street bridge reopened in December 2018! With the improvements made to the bridge, a gap in Jordan Creek Greenway was also filled. There is an existing section of trail that goes north to Mt. Vernon Street and another section that goes south from Cruse Dog Park and on through Ewing Park. This project added trail between these two section by traveling underneath the bridge. It also connects to a sidewalk on the south side of the bridge and a multiuse path that travels west along the north side of Grand Street. The project cost approximately $2.5 million and was funded by the 1/8th-cent transportation tax. It was the top ranked project through the citizen input survey because of its improvements for those travelling by vehicle, bicycle, foot, and wheelchair.

Fulbright Spring Greenway Extending West of Lost Hill Park
Construction is underway for the next section of the Fulbright Spring Greenway! This 500-foot section of trail is running alongside the South Dry Sac River instead of a traditional bridge crossing. This work is funded 100% with private donations raised through our Trails for Generations funding initiative. The next phase, what we’ve been calling Fulbright Spring Greenway Phase 4, will pick up at the end of this section, cross the Fulbright Landfill, and connect to phase 3 that opened in February 2018. Phase 4 is caught in the throes of federal and state regulations, but we’re knocking those out slowly but surely. Also, some of the federal offices we work with are currently closed.


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