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Why We Sponsor: Bike, Walk & Wheel Week

Category News, Spotlight On | Posted on April 23, 2018

We asked a few of our 2018 sponsors of Bike, Walk & Wheel Week, presented by Hy-Vee why their business or organization decided to be a sponsor!

"Hy-Vee has a strong commitment to sustainability with our LEED building, responsibly sourced sustainable seafood, and our reusable bag program. We want to do everything we can to support biking and walking to work, as well as the great work Ozark Greenways is doing."
—Doug, Hy-Vee 

Bambinos and Ozark Greenways go well together, and it makes sense for local businesses to support making Springfield more bike friendly. Lots of our customers come by bike or on foot to both of our locations. That’s why we’re sponsoring Bike Walk & Wheel Week.”
—Andy, Bambinos Cafe

“The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is so excited to help support Ozark Greenways and Bike Walk & Wheel Week! Getting out on your bike, walking to work or wheeling your way around town is a great way to stay active and ease the burden on our environment by putting your own natural resources to good use. The best part is, any mode of transportation will get you to the Alamo for a movie or a craft beer, so the way we see it, everybody wins!”
—Kathryn, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Anderson Engineering is honored to sponsor Bike, Walk & Wheel Week again this year. The health and wellness of our employees and community is important to us, and we enjoy being apart of a fantastic cause.”
—Neil, Anderson Engineering

Expedia is sponsoring Bike Walk & Wheel Week because as a company we would like to promote healthy living and to promote reducing our carbon footprint.”
—Janel, Expedia

Kuat Racks is excited to help sponsor Bike Walk & Wheel Week because these means of commuting make our community healthier, cleaner and leave a smaller footprint on our environment.”
—Boone, Kuat Racks

"Safe Kids Springfield is proud to partner with Ozark Greenways for Bike Walk & Wheel Week because it is a great awareness program for kids and adults to learn safe and healthy transportation alternatives in our community.
—Daphne, Safe Kids Springfield

"Missouri Off-Road Cyclists (MORC) supports Ozark Greenways and Bike Walk & Wheel Week because of the connections that Ozark Greenways provide. We're excited about all the ways we will be able to ride from town-to-trail, and the greenways are the artery for that possibility. The (on-street routes) help provide a great avenue to ride your bike when you can't get out to your local trail. They provide an amazing escape for the whole family."
—Josh, Missouri Off-Road Cyclists

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