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On-Street Bicycle Routes

Springfield is a bronze level Bicycle-Friendly Community because of its expanding trail and bicycle route network.

Learn more about our League of American Bicyclists designation and check out Springfield's Report Card!

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As part of the City of Springfield's plan to create a community that is safe and easy for people who bicycle, walk, and wheel, specific streets and routes are designated as part of an on-street bicycle route network being developed by Springfield Public Works' Traffic Division. This network includes a variety of signage, striping, and separated bike lanes which are identified on the map below. This work is guided by our community's Complete Streets Policy that was passed in December 2014.

The trails connect with the on-street bicycle routes as part of our community's long-term vision for how Springfield and Greene County residents want to see the community develop. As public support increases, the network continues to grow.

Learn how to properly use the trails and on-street bicycle routes on our Safety & Education page.

The Link

The Link is an 8-mile low volume, slow speed, north-south on-street bicycling and pedestrian route that travels right through the middle of Springfield - connecting from Doling Family Center all the way to Twin Oaks Substation Trailhead. It cuts through the middle of Springfield! Besides providing a safe route for active transportation, the Link connects people to the greenway trails, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, retail and many other destinations including Doling Park, Drury University, Jordan Valley Park, Missouri State University, Phelps Grove Park, South Creek Greenway (at Sunset near Holland), CoxSouth and Twin Oaks Park.

The Link is a signed route using streets, sidewalks, and trails, and is incorporated into the maps above and our individual trail pages. We encourage you to explore all of Springfield's greenway trails and on-street bike routes! Where can you travel from your home by bike or on foot?

Get inspired by watching this funny Link video by our favorite Springfield comedian, Jeff Houghton!

Main Access Points for The Link

The bike aid stations listed on this page (except the Frisco Highline Trail) are also great starting points! Doling Park at 301 E. Talmage; Drury University at 660 E. Calhoun; Jordan Valley Park at 635 E. Trafficway; Missouri State University at 921 S. JQH Parkway; Phelps Grove Park at 1391 S. Clay; South Creek Greenway at Sunset Street near Holland Avenue; Twin Oaks Substation Trailhead at 500 E. Montastery

Bicycle Aid Station Locations

Bicycle Aid Stations are also indicated on our overall trail & route map.
1. Frisco Highline Trail - Willard Trailhead, 211 E. Jackson Street
2. Doling Park Family Center - 301 E. Talmage Street
3. Drury University - 660 E. Calhoun Street (Calhoun & Washington Avenue)
4. Rare Breed Youth Center - Main & Water Streets
5. Downtown Bus Transit Center - Main Avenue & College Street
6. Route 66 Roadside Park - 1118 W. College Street (College Street & Fort Avenue)
7. Missouri State University,  Foster Rec Center - 912 E. Monroe Street (JQH Pkwy & Monroe)
8. Missouri State University, Garst Dining Hall - 1014 E. Cherry Street
9. Missouri State University, Strong Hall - 900 S. Holland Avenue
10. Missouri State University, Kemper Hall - 921 S. JQH Parkway (JQH & Grand Street)
11. Phelps Grove Park - 1391 S. Clay Avenue (Clay & Bennett Street)
12. South Creek Greenway - Sunset Street near Holland Avenue

We rely on the enthusiasm and financial support of the community.

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