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Answers to questions we're asked regularly

Can I reserve one of the trails for an event I'd like to hold?

If you would like to hold an event anywhere along the Frisco Highline Trail, please fill out this special use application, and email to lori@ozarkgreenways.org.

To reserve any of the other greenway trail sections in Greene County, contact the Springfield-Greene County Park Board at (417) 864-1049 or email charper@springfieldmo.gov.

Are the trails free?

These trails are currently FREE for the public to use. However, membership is encouraged because that is how greenways are created! In our opinion, if you use the trails, then you should either be a member and/or a volunteer.

Can you take dogs on the trails?

Yes. They must be on a leash as per City ordinance. Please clean up after your pet. Use good judgment when encountering other trail users and wildlife, and control your pet at all times.

What time are the trails open?

The trails are open from sunrise to sunset. 

Are the trails well marked?

The trails are signed and typically have mile markers every 1/10-mile.

Are the trails safe?

Yes, very. Trail Ambassadors are volunteers who look out for situations that need attention, and the Springfield Police Department does a great job patrolling the community. And remember: Never leave valuables in your car unattended!

Are all of the trails ADA accessible?

Yes, with the exception of the Sac River Mountain Bike Trail and the one-mile woodchipped Volunteer Nature Trail along South Creek Greenway.

How much is Ozark Greenways membership, and what do I get?

Memberships range from $35 a year to as much as someone can give! Members receive the Ozark Greenways printed newsletter, trail updates, and invitations to events... but the main reason to be an OG member is to be part of the vitally important base of support for greenway development in the Springfield area.

We rely on the enthusiasm and financial support of the community.

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