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Let’s Go Springfield!

Let’s Go Smart is a partnership led by Ozark Greenways, designed to encourage residents and visitors of Springfield to consider their transportation choices. Whether it’s walking, biking, riding the bus, carpooling, driving or any combination, “going smart” means thinking ahead and deciding which option makes the most of our health, environment, resources and quality of life.

With support from the Healthy Living Alliance, City of Springfield, City Utilities, Ozarks Transportation Organization and MoDOT, Let's Go Smart began as the idea of a few individuals over coffee: How do we get more people in Springfield to use active transportation more often? Change takes time, building momentum as our bike routes expand, as our bus system improves and new transportation trends take hold. Motor vehicles are here to stay, but other modes of getting around Springfield are picking up in popularity. The benefits of driving less are clear, so hopefully before starting up that car or taking an unnecessary car trip, you'll stop and think about your options. Even small changes can make a big difference. If we can help you find a route, let us know!

Who doesn't want to get healthier, breathe fresh air, reduce stress, save money, have more energy and make our city more attractive? We all love the natural beauty of the Ozarks, and getting outside to walk, bike or catch the bus is a great way to experience it while protecting it. Going Smart also creates a stronger community by connecting its residents to each other, reducing healthcare costs and removing the need to continually add lanes to our roadways.

Everyone lives and works in different parts of town, so what choices work for you might not work for someone else. We hope you will review the route maps and resources here to find a way to incorporate biking, walking, taking the bus, carpooling, telecommuting or some combination of these into your life. Whether it's once in a while or every single day, we hope you will consider your choices. 

Route maps
Smart Cycling Quick Guide
Biking tips that will help you prepare
Plan your bus route with Map My Ride
12 ways to drive green
RideSharing in Springfield
Springfield's Complete Streets policy
Safe Routes to School maps
Bike commuting with kids 
Green stoplight boxes
Springfield's 12 Bike aide stations

Join our Let's Go Smart advocacy committee, which meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday each month, 4:30pm, at the Environmental Resource Center, 290 E. Central Street (on the southwest corner of Central and Robberson). Find out more by contacting Terry Whaley, at terry@ozarkgreenways.org or (417)864-2014.

We rely on the enthusiasm and financial support of the community.

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